Friday, 11 January 2013

Introduce to the equipment

On top of everything, safety first.

The equipment gear we are wearing not just helped us with the climbing but helps us with our safety too, it reduce the risk of getting hurt when we fall accidentally. In order to climb safety, we need to know which equipment are we using and the proper way to wear it.

This is how we looks like when we wear the full equipment.

The first thing, a pair of rock climbing shoes.

The shoes will provide enough friction to let you grip on footholds.
The structure of it can also helps you in protecting your feet than other shoes do.
To get the right pair of shoe, you must make sure it fits tightly to your feet.

Second, a climbing helmet. (only for outdoor rock climbing)

In order to protect you from the fall and any tumbling rocks, a helmet specially designed for climbing is required.
The important thing is your helmet fits your head, not too loose and not too tight, so you feel comfortable during the climbing.

Third, climbing harness.

Every time you need a rope for climbing, the climbing harness will come next right after it.
You need to understand two parts of the harness, waist belts and leg loops.
The waist belts positioned on your hips and it must fit snugly while the the leg loops go around each leg, one loop per leg, the loops can be adjustable depending on the size of your thighs.
The harness holds you and the rope together so it is important to buckle it up in the right way.

Fourth, carabiners, an important part of the equipment.

Carabiners attached you to the rope together, so you may need a few for a climb.
There are three different carabiners,
  • Oval: The basic for every climbing event.
  • D-shape: It can withstand more outward force so it is stronger.
  • Asymmetrical D-shape: This kind carabiner actually push the rope towards the solid side of the carabiners.

The gates came in various designs too,

  • Straight: To open it, we just push it but to close it, we need to rotate it.
  • Bent: It is easy in clipping but the safety is not guarantee.
  • Locking:  For extra protection, there is a lock to tighten it when the gate is close.
  • Wire: Stainless-steel wire is used as the gate.

A belay device is especially for the belayer.

It actually secures the climbing process so no accident may happened.
It can used to catch a fall, lower a climber or provide more tension for the climbers. 

Climbing ropes, an important element.

To hold you tightly, you need a rope.
The rope can be categorized into two, dynamic and static.
The dynamic rope has elasticity in it, so when there is a fall, it can absorb the force of the fall.
Th static rope is used for rappelling and during rescues.

There are other extra gears too but the one that I mentioned are the basic, and are used in indoor rock climbing. If you decided to have rock climbing as your main sport, you may need to get a set.

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