Friday, 11 January 2013

Physical and mental health benefits

So as a sport, rock climbing can gives you a lot of benefits on either mental or physical.

Below are the health benefits for mental and physical.

Physical health benefits
Strengthen your muscle for rock climbing (train your right muscles, especially arms)
Strengthen your grip
Increase your balance and endurance in order to increase your climbing performance
Increase your fitness (warm up and stretch exercise required,  if there is tight muscles and ligaments, you can’t perform well.)

Mental health benefits
Face your fear against height
Give you an opportunity to solve problems calm and fast
Let yourself take some risk to learn from mistakes (falling)
Develops good observation, preview and learn.

Rock climbing is fun for it is adventurous, the skill can also be learned by practicing, you would not require talent in this area, so have fun. :D

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  1. The best way to learn and improve rock climbing technique is observe the technique used by good climbers, and practice to develop these techniques yourself. Make mental notes as you observe climbers.

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