Friday, 11 January 2013

What is rock climbing?

Before you take a step, you need to know which direction you are heading to.

There are two types of rock climbing,
the indoor type and the outdoor type.

Indoor Rock Climbing
The Outdoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing looks more safety but outdoor rock climbing has a better scenery, which do you prefer?

As what is shown in the picture, indoor rock climbing walls are made out of artificial colour stones.
The routes can be changed into different difficulties by adjusting the rocks in different gap holes while the stones are polished well so that is no sharp point that will hurt you.

There are a few advantages of indoor rock climbing,
  • Convenient, as you can often visit a climbing gym that located in the city. 
  • Safety first! The danger can be predicted.
  • Free from any weather that are not suitable for rock climbing.
  • Visible handholds and footholds. 
  • Different levels available.
  • Equipment gear can be rented.
  • Proper teaching is included in gym package.
As a beginner, it is better to start off from the indoor rock climbing.

This is the original rock climbing. Safety is not guarantee so it is more suitable for expert that gone through a lot of training. Challenging but if you succeed in reaching the top, the satisfaction feeling can't be explained in words.

There are a few categories for outdoor rock climbing,


This method of climbing is close to the ground so no ropes are required. The climber can jump down immediately from that height without facing any injuries. Only climbing shoes and crash pad for knees are needed, it is suitable for climbers that just new to outdoor rock climbing.

Sport Climbing

Ropes, quickdraws, climbing shoes and chalk bags are the equipment needed in this sport. The climber can climb up fast by following the trail that had been made on that spot. Anchors and protection are provided, just like how an indoor rock climbing looks like. The difference of sport climbing and indoor climbing is the scenery and difficulties, otherwise, it is similar.

Traditional Climbing

This falls in the hardest categories among the three. With lesser anchors and protection, the climber needs to place his or hers own protection such as nuts or camming devices. The protection will be removed after a few steps and is placed further again so the climber can continue his or hers journey to the top.

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